Standard configuration

  • 6mtr wide track base
  • Weight 2.95 Tons
  • 320mm wide tracks
  • Extending Track 500mm
  • 48hp engine
  • 2 speed tracking
  • Electric park brake
  • 300kg hammer
  • 2-way mast tilt
  • 120 degree slew
  • Hydraulic Mast leg
  • Large Post Carrying Frame
  • Front post carrying frame
  • Telescopic mast (3.5mtr post clearance)
  • Wire unroller with hinge down spindle
  • Hydraulic rockspike with 75mm diameter spike

Customers Say:

“EVO1 is such a proven machine.”

“One-man operation, I save a lot on labour.”

“What I like? Perfect stability, easy access to corners and carrying capacity.”

2 year warranty engine

Stage 5 compliant on emissions