Common configuration EVO2 / EVO220B

  • 450 kg hammer
  • 4.5 Tons machine weight
  • Both sides extending track
  • 450 mm tracks – Heavy Duty undercarriage
  • Extra-long tracks (100mm pitch x 58 links)
  • 48 HP YANMAR Engine + DPF
  • Belly plated chassis – high ground clearance
  • 2x Large heavy duty lockable toolboxes
  • LED worklights + 12V and USB plugs
  • 800mm Tele-arm onto hydraulic piloted 220-degree slew
  • Tele boom system (banks access and 16Ft post clearance)
  • Rock spike 75mm with hydraulic extractor – opposite side
  • Wire unroller on machine side
  • Foldable side post frame for long posts
  • Hydraulic operated control arm on post driver



  • Front Loader 1.5 Ton lift instead of front post rack
  • Independent auxiliary service off the loader
  • Radio Control Tracking + Loader

Customers Say:

“No double handling with EVO220B”

“220-degree slew gives me access to any spot”

“I do a lot of work on banks, that tele-boom is quite handy.”

2 year warranty engine

Stage 5 compliant on emissions