P240T Skidsteer

Standard configuration

  • 300kg hammer
  • 180-degree hydraulic operated slew
  • Tele arm 500 mm
  • all controls on the machine
  • 1500 mm telescopic mast extension (14 Ft posts)
  • 75 mm diameter rock spike and hydraulic extractor
  • Steel toolbox
  • Flow limiting valve to protect the system

Ideal combination with Skidsteer, equipped with 500mm telescopic side shift, 1.5m telescopic mast extension and a massive 180 degree hydraulic slew.


  • Tractor frame (3-points linkage adaptor)
  • Hydraulic Auger drive together with 4″ and 6″ Rock Drill
  • 2-Axis Auto-level system
  • Post twister + 2 sizes sockets (post and rail system)