P30 Contractor

Standard configuration

  • 120 kg driver weight (option up to 210 kg) depending on tractor size.
  • Includes telescopic mast: capable of handling 10ft posts
  • 300mm hydraulic backshift. this unique function together with side shift maximises output and accuracy for the operator.
  • 500mm telescopic side shift.
  • hydraulic rear leg.
  • 30 degree forward and back tilt from vertical postion.
  • quick release 250mm throat width gripper plate.
  • side tilt facility through hydraulic top link.
  • closed coupled mounting for extra stability.
  • All lever valve controls on the machine

A contractor’s post driver ideal for vineyard and narrow row work. Equipped with 500mm telescopic side shift, 300mm back shift, 800mm telescopic mast extension for tall posts.


  • 150 kg / 180 kg / 210 kg driver weight options
  • Pilot hole 60mm Rock spike to be attached to your gripper plate